Dream Quest Thrift STore

TEMPORARY Store Hours:

NEW HOURS June 2020

Tuesday through Friday 10am-5:30pm

Saturdays Closed

Telephone: (530) 629-3006

Sales & Specials:

Senior Discount Tuesdays - Seniors receive a 20% discount!

Spin'n'Win Wednesdays - Spend $10 or more and spin the wheel for a free gift.!

Quarter Rack - Check out our ongoing quarter rack for discount clothing. Yep- they're really only a quarter!


Beginning July 1st the DQ Thrift Store will be able to begin accepting LIMITED donations.

Donations will be accepted Wednesdays Noon to 5PM and by appointments. We appreciate your patience as we incorporate safety measures and re-build the store following a 3-month closure.


THE SCHEDULE: Wednesdays Noon to 5pm. Limited appointments are available other days.

THE CHECK: We will need to check each bag/box.

CLOTHING: Must be clean and usable (No tears, stains, etc.)

TOYS: At this time we can not accept toys. We will be able to at a later date.

LINEN: Must be clean. Sorry to bed pillows.

Thank you! Your donations are the foundation of the Thrift Store which is the primary support for Dream Quest Youth Programs. We know many of you set aside items to donate during the shelter in place order and have patiently held onto them in order to support our youth.

Dream Quest Administration: (530) 629-3564 Dream Quest Thrift Store: (530) 629-3006


The Dream Quest Thrift Store welcomes your donation of gently used CLEAN clothing, furniture, media and more. There are a surprising number things that we do accept as well as a short list of things things that we are unable to accept. You can also phone us at (530) 629-3564 for more information. Thank you for your consideration.


The Dream Quest Thrift Store is Dream Quest’s primary source of sustainability, and has received rave revues. It serves as a vocational training site integral to our StepUP Program. The Thrift Store promotes re-use and re-purpose, lessening the volume of materials heading to landfills.

The store is an asset to our community offering affordable merchandise, senior discounts and great sales. It includes our annual Kids Only Shopping Event in December. The store is staffed by adorable young adults, StepUP youth and great volunteers.